About Kinan

Kinan Nimeh

Kinan Nimeh was born in Syria, moving to the United States in 1997.  He went on to study at Syracuse University, ultimately receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Since graduating, his sole business focus has been the building of his investment advisory practice. He thrives on hard work, believes in the power of research, and does whatever it takes to produce the best possible return for all his clients. 

Kinan Nimeh takes great pleasure in helping those around him, always treating others with the respect he strives to show them in return. He is the first to lend a helping hand, which is always a rewarding experience for the recipient. Kinan’s way of expanding upon his lifelong aspirations – to help others, has entered a new phase with the establishment of the Kinan Nimeh Scholarship.  With this award, Kinan will help one student struggling to keep current on his/her tuition obligations, providing them with the ability to move closer to graduation, and build a successful life in the years and decades ahead.  He is thrilled to be the driving force behind this charitable cause.