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About Kinan Nimeh

Kinan Nimeh was born in Syria, moving to the United States in 1997. He went on to study at Syracuse University, ultimately receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the Martin J. Whitman School of Management. Since graduating, the focus of his business career has been the slow and careful evolution of his diversified investment concern.
Kinan thrives on hard work, believes in the power of perseverance, and on January 1 of every year, establishes new and ambitious goals for himself that he expects to accomplish over the next 365 days.

About The Kinan Nimeh Scholarship

For those genuinely invested in the process of winning a scholarship award, and excited about the opportunities that scholarships provide to those seeking acquisition of their degrees, then please do apply for the Kinan Nimeh Scholarship. Kinan Nimeh is building a starter award meant to provide funds to a prized student with a noteworthy educational history. For instance, the winner of this prize may be a novice at the process of applying for scholarships. That being said, the gifted newcomer who wins the award will receive a one-time award of $1,000. Interested co-eds should most definitely apply for The Kinan Nimeh Scholarship, and continue to seek out the endless possibilities that life offers.

The Kinan Nimeh Scholarship website offers a warm hello to the committed undergraduates hoping to settle the tremendous cost of going beyond a high school diploma. This Scholarship is a critical resource for those in search of funding from those sponsoring such initiatives.

Kinan Nimeh Scholarship – Details

Qualification for Applicants:
-Should reside in the USA
-Should be gaining knowledge at a licensed/enlisted public or private college/school in the US.
-Applications should be in hand by Dec 14, 2022.

Application Procedures
-Candidates should begin the process by penning an excellent and unique paper on the point: “What subject are you most passionate about, and what makes it most appealing?”

The accompanying items below should go along with the paper:

Complete name of the scholarship candidate:
Postage/Address information:
Email address:
Telephone number:
Name of licensed public or private US-based college of attendance:
Approximate date of graduation:
Current GPA:
From that point, essay should be submitted alongside procedures noted above through MSWord and sent to info@kinannimehscholarship.com

Victor Selection and Award Disbursement

The victor of the Kinan Nimeh Scholarship will be pronounced on 23rd Dec 2022 and listed at kinannimehscholarship.com

The triumphant candidate will be educated of this fact through the email of this web address.
At last, the winner should affirm and acknowledge receipt of the email noting victory and confirm that he/she would indeed accept the funds offered by this scholarship.

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